Radosław Ochnio

Sound engineer. Graduated from Sound Editing at the Wielkopolska School of Radio, Television and Film in Poznań and Łódź Film School. The winner of the European Film Awards in 2016 for Best European Sound Designer for sound in the film „11 minutes”. For many years he has worked on Polish films as a sound engineer. He has, among others, worked on titles such as „Drawn from Memory” by Marcin Bortkiewicz, „End of the World” by Monika Pawluczuk, „Secrets of love” Krystian Matysek, „Little Crushes” by Ireneusz Grzyb and Aleksandra Gowin, „Baby Bump” and „The Erlprince” by Kuba Czekaj. Radosław Ochnio is also a teacher and lecturer.